Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vidal's Method

The problem with simulating a quantum lattice system is the exponential growth of the Hilbert space with the system's size. One way of treating such a system is known as the DMRG (Density Matrix Renormalization Group).

Another fairly new method is Vidal's method, which provides a way of calculating the time evolution of 1D systems. The reference is Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 147902 (2003), and the preprint is available at quant-ph/0310089. Vidal's method is becoming more and more popular in the AMO community, and is often used to solve 1D Bose-Hubbard models, in the context of optical lattices.

I hope to discuss Vidal's method in some detail in coming days; I think it is one of the more important developments in AMO theory. But for now, back to thesis-land! (Argh).

On a personal note, I'm giving our group meeting on Tuesday. I am not sure that the shift to PowerPoint/Keynote talks has been good for physics as a whole. Anyway I guess I use Keynote too, so I'm not one to talk. :)


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